2020 DMZ 포럼 개회‥DMZ와 한반도 평화에 대한 새로운 담론의 장 열려

- 2020-09-18

분단 상징을 평화의 장으로… ‘DMZ의 미래’ 열띤 토론

- 2020-09-18

전세계서 주목 '평화수호 나침반'… DMZ 포럼 '온라인 개막'

- 2020-09-18

이해찬 "한반도 평화 위한 거버넌스 구축 필요"...DMZ 포럼 특강

- 2020-09-18


Bae-Gyoon PARK

Professor, Seoul National University

Jinn-yuh HSU

Professor, Department of Geography, National Taiwan University

Jin-sook SHIN

Associate Professor, Institute of Global Affairs, Kyung Hee University

Seung-Ook LEE

Assistant Professor, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, KAIST

Hyunjoo JUNG

Associate Professor, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Seoul National University

Sang-Hyun CHI

Associate Professor, Kyung Hee University

Taehoon MOON

Professor, Chung Ang University / President, Korea Environment Policy and Administration Society

Bernhard SELIGER

Representative, Hanns-Seidel-Foundation Korea

Hyeonkyun NOH

Cultural Heritage Team Manager, Gyeonggi Institute of Cultural Properties

Soojae LEE

Chief Research Fellow, Korea Environment Institute

Eunjin PARK

Director, National Institute of Ecology

Inkyung CHANG

Chairperson, ICOM Korea Director, Iron Museum


Coordinator, Parabiago Ecomuseum – Municipality of Parabiago

Soonju HWANG

Team Leader of Regional Culture Team, GyeongGi Cultural Foundation

Hyundeok SEOK

Senior Director, Korea Rural Economic Institute

Yonhak JUNG

Senior Curator, National Folklore Museum of Korea

Sangjun LEE

Senior Fellow, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements


Researcher, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, EU Institute

Daesik CHOI

General Manager, North Korea Research Center, Land & Housing Institute

Gyeongseok KIM

Professor, Kongju National University

Sungwoo LEE

Director General, General Policy Research Division, Korea Maritime Institute

Sangdae LEE

Senior Researcher, Gyeonggi Research Institute

Hanbum CHO

Senior Research Fellow, Korea Institute for National Unification

Mitsuhiro MIMURA

Senior Research Fellow, Economic Research Institute for Northeast Asia (ERINA)

Youngmin PARK

Professor, Daejin University

Jinwook CHOI

Professor, Korea University

Sangtu KO

Professor, Graduate School for Area Studies, Yonsei University


Professor, Department of History, University of North Texas


Professor, Far Eastern Federal University

Qiangyi JIN

Professor, Center for North and South Korea Studies of Yanbian University

Chaehan KIM

Professor, Hallym University

Woondo CHOI

Director, Dokdo Research Institute, Northeast Asian History Foundation

Hanjoo LEE

President, Gyeonggi Research Institute(GRI)


Professor, Inha University

Wonil PARK

Executive Committee/Steward, West Sea Peace Zone Association

Junghoon LEE

Director, Center for Peace and Border Studies, Gyeonggi Research Institute

Taeho KANG

Chairman of Editorial Board, Le Monde Diplomatique

Chungin MOON

Distinguished University Professor, Yonsei University / Special Advisor to the ROK President for Foreign Affairs and National Security

Jongseok LEE

Senior Research Fellow, The Sejong Institute / Former Unification Minister of the ROK


President & CEO, Korea Economic Institute of America / Former American Diplomat (U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Korea)


Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, Center for a New American Security

Woonseok SUH

Researcher, Korea Education and Research Institute for Patriots and Veterans

Chansu YI

President, Korea Education and Research Institute for Patriots and Veterans

Kyunghee CHAE

Professor, Chong Shin University

Hyunsuk OUM

Research Professor / Ph.D, University of North Korea Studies


Visiting Professor, Ewha Womans University

Seungbi YOON

Researcher, Korea Education and Research Institute for Patriots and Veterans

Ho jye KANG

Director, Institute for STENK (Science, Technology and Economy of North Korea) Affiliated Fellow, Institut für Koreastudien Freie Universität Berlin

Hakmoon BYUN

Post-doc Researcher, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information(KISTI)

Yeolyeong YOON

Lecturer, Seoul National University of Science&Technology

Jisoo KIM

Reseach Fellow, Korean Educational Development Institute (KEDI)

Yeongho YOO

Member, Gyenggido Assembly

Kyungae PARK

Professor, University of British Columbia

Youngmi CHO

Executive Director, Korean Women’s Movement for Peace Research Professor, Chung-Ang University

Christine AHN

Executive Director, Women Cross DMZ

Jacqueline O’NEILL

Ambassador for Women, Peace, and Security, Government of Canada

Jeongsoo KIM

Standing Representative, Women Making Peace


Congresswoman, U.S. Congress

Jaejung LEE

National Assembly Member, National Assembly of Republic of Korea

Junga LEE

Standing Representative, Gyeonggi Women’s Association United

Keyjong YOON

Adviser, The Ansan Committee on June 15th Joint Declaration / Chief Executive Officer, Ansan Evergreen Foundation

Siwoo LEE

Photographer, Author


Independent Journalist

Jaehun LEE

Secretary General, Paju branch, Movement for One Korea

Changjun JANG

Visiting Professor, Hanshin University / Deputy Chief, Global Peace Center for Justice


Non-resident Visiting Scholar, George Washington University

Taeho LEE

Chair of Steering Committee, Civil Society Organizations Network in Korea / Standing Executive Committee Member, Korea Peace Appeal Campaign

Gayoon BAEK

Standing Executive Committee Member, Korea Peace Appeal Campaign Representative, Jeju Dark Tours


Regional Liaison Officer, GPPAC Northeast Asia


President, Peace Action Coordinator, Korea Peace Network

Jargalsaikhan ENKHSAIKHAN

Chairman, Blue Banner NGO

Rev. Peter Ju Seok KANG

Director, Catholic Institute of Northeast Asia Peace

Youkyoung KO

Consultant, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom and the Women-led Korea Peace Now

Younkyung LIM

Director, PyeongTaek Peace Center

Jungseo GOO

Director, Gunsan Citizens' Society to Reclaim the Land from US Forces in Korea

Eunjin KIM

Director, Durebang

Juhee HA

Managing Partner, Law Firm YULIP

Sooyun SHIN

Director of Policy, Green Korea United

Wooksik CHEONG

Director, Peace Network

Jongdae KIM

Peace Planner, Justice Party


Director, Institute for Policy Studies

Jesun BAE

Team Manager, Ecosystem Conservation, Green Korea United

Hyukmin KANG

Ph.D. Researcher, The National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies

Minji CHOE

Researcher, Peace Network

Sangyoung HONG

Secretary General, Korean Sharing Movement

Jusung LEE

Secretary General, KNCCK(Korea NGO Council for Cooperation with North Korea)

Seojin KIM

Managing Director, The Corporates' Emergency Measures Commission for Gaesong Industrial Complex


Secretary General, The Southern Committee on June 15th Joint Declaration

Juhyun UM

Secretary General, Medical Aid for Children

Youngdong LEE

Chair of Standing Executive Committee, Korean Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation(KCRC)

Dongjin CHOI

Director, Research Institute for Environment & Development

Ilyoung JEONG

Research Professor, Sogang Institute of Social Sciences

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